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Exercise? Extra fries for sure!

April 12, 2015

Hey guys!
Hope you all had a great week-end!

In today’s post, I have a really cool Tee from asos that I love! It’s definitely me! hahah
Weird and amazing thing about this tee is that when I’ve received the package I thought “why not take an instagram photo?” and I did…. the day after, asos looked my photo and everybody does it too! That was AMAZING! I never have more than 30 likes and now I have more than 1000 likes on this photo. It’s so cool! And honestly being liked by asos is so grateful for me, it’s my favorite shop to go on line, and my biggest dream would be to work for them, so I think you can easily understand why I was so overwhelmed!

Okay back to the outfit 🙂

That’s a casual but edgy look, which I love! I’ve paired it with a leather jacket for the night cause’ it’s still a bit chilly out there haha. These H&M pants are really comfy. They remind me of the disco pants from American Apparel. Which is a good thing ’cause on friday my beloved disco pants split right in the middle of my butt…. yeah AWESOME when you’re at work…. HAHA
Anyway, I love how it’s high waisted and the fit.

These shoes are killers! I love them but I’m 6’2″ with them  and everybody look at me like I’m a sort of an alien.

Hope you liked this look guys!

And I have a question for you today….

…. Are you more an exercise or an extra fries kind of gal?

xx Flo



Tee: asos
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Public Desire



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