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Feel the music

Sunny wednesday afternoon means new look in the park near by. Despite the people looking at us and wondering what we were doing, we took some great shots of my ootd.

I don’t know about you but I’m a BIG fan of music and honestly, I can’t spend a day without my “dose” haha
As I have to spend quiet a lot of time in the public transports to go to work, I wanted to treat myself around christmas time sale, with a new headphone.

This one is from Marshall and I love it! But I have to say it hurts a bit after an hour wearing it…. Oh well doesn’t matter, it has a great sound and quality and I love the style of it. I’m even thinking of buying the speaker for summer when I’ll be in my new place.

Onto the outfit itself now. It was warm enough for me to bring back my shearling jeans jacket from Topshop which I love!
And to bring an extra something, these faux leather leggings are PERFECT! I get so much compliments every time I wear those. They’re really comfy and between me and leather/faux leather, well guys, it’s an endless love affair! I think you’ll be able to see it by yourself as the blog go by hahah

Anyway hope you’re having a beautiful week and I’ll be posting this week-end.
So keep an eye on this blog 🙂

Xx Flo





Jean Jacket and Beanie: Topshop
Jumper and boots: H&M
Faux leather leggings: Asos
Bag and scarf: Zara
Iphone 5s case: Urban outfitters
Headphone: Marshall


You’re never too old for Disney

I know… a Mickey jumper, am I not too old for that?
All I have to say is that you’re never too old for Disney. And honestly, how could you say no to Mickey :).

Hopefully, I’m not looking like I’m ten with it. I think I’ve balanced the “childish look” with this monochrome coat and the oversized cabas bag wich looks a bit more mature.

Put a bright lipstick on and you’re good to go!

xx Flo




jeans: American Apparel / denim shirt + bag: Zara /  jumper + coat: Sheinside / shoes: Office /  gloves: H&M






Favorite combo

Hey everyone!!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted the last article.

I really want to try blogging a bit more and I’ve finally found time to take pictures outdoor, which is so much better than inside my little bedroom.

It’s freezing cold here in Switzerland and my favorite combo is the shirt/sweater look. I like when it exceeds a bit from the sweater, just the collar and a bit of the bottom of the shirt.

Today was quite sunny and not that cold so I took out my favorite leather jacket for the first time since a long time (too long for me haha) to give a “grungy vibe” to the oh so polished collar look. Add a ripped knee pair of jeans and here you go!
I wish you had a lovely week-end and hopefully I’ll post during the week.
xx Flo
jacket: All Saints | sweater and bag: Zara | shirt and boots: H&M | ripped jeans and scarf: Asos | watch: Casio